Option Run on specific GPU

Using cryosparc 3.3.2 when new job is created does it is possible to select the queue type when deployment is with slurm ?

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Do I understand correctly (from the title) that you wish to queue a job to a specific GPU (card)?
The answer depends on how this cryoSPARC instance is integrated with the slurm cluster.
What best describes this particular cryoSPARC instance:

  1. The instance (including the master processes) is a slurm job.
  2. The instance is not a slurm job, but the non-slurm cryoSPARC master queues individual jobs to a slurm partition.

I should add that the queuing of the Import Movies job type is additionally affected by the CRYOSPARC_DISABLE_IMPORT_ON_MASTER variable.