Nvidias new Ampere architecture: Which GPU to go for?

Dear all,

we are lucky to acquire new GPU workstations just in time with the release of NVs new GPU architecture.
Which card would you go for? Considering rumors that the 3090 will have 24 GB RAM, why would one go for a professional card?
Does by chance anybody had hands on the A100 and can give feedback?


Just a few things to consider before you jump in

  1. As soon as 3090 is released, the prices for 2080Tis will most likely go down.
  2. Although the 3090 has 24GB of VRAM, the power consumption at peak loads are apparently north of 400W.
  3. 3090s also take up 3 slots (vs 2 slots for 2080Tis) so depending on how many PCI slots you will have in your computer, you maybe limited to only 2 cards (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing though)
  4. 3090s will prefer CUDA-11.0 although they should work with CUDA 10-x also. I don’t believe cryosparc has been optimized to work with CUDA-11 yet (@apunjani can give us a better idea of when CUDA-11 support is going to be implemented in cryosparc)


You haven’t been able to buy new 2080Tis all summer, unless from someone with a bunch in a warehouse. Unfortunately the 3070 looks like it could outperform a 2080Ti for $500, but only has 8GB of VRAM. The 3080 has 10GB. Maybe there will eventually be a 3080Ti in the ~16GB range. The 3090 is a monster, it physically won’t even fit in many of the existing server chassis.

How much of an impact would there be processing data on a 8GB or 10GB card these days?