Nvidia P100 Card + Cuda 8

Hi all
Just wondering if I can get help with troubleshooting Cryosparc on our machine here (running P100 card) and the latest Nvidia driver (375.51).

I recompiled pycuda after installing the card driver and cuda 8 driver, but it looks like cryosparc doesn’t like the new configuration.

When I run cryosparc configure gpu list, I get ./cryosparc: line 91: 9266 Segmentation fault (core dumped) python "$script_dir/configure.py" "$@" and on dmesg, I get [30207.100350] python[9266]: segfault at 6 ip 00007feb3c8c33c1 sp 00007ffe27cd3288 error 4 in libc-2.17.so[7feb3c760000+1b7000]

Reinstalling cryosparc also fails at the detecting GPU stage.
Any idea to solve this? Thanks!

Hi @jafar,

Thanks for reporting this - have you been able to run any other GPU programs on your P100?
The error seems to be coming from libc-2.17.so, which is a system binary so I’m unsure whether this is a problem with something happening in the cryoSPARC code or somewhere deeper.
Can you remind us what operating system you’re running on?


Hi @apunjani, thanks for the quick reply.
We rebuilt the machine and reinstalled the drivers, cryosparc is working OK now.
In fact, I am running the ab-initio tests right now as we speak.
Performance of the ab-initio test is good, as expected.

@jafar great, that’s good to hear. We actually just took delivery of a couple of Quadro GP100’s and eager to test them out.