NU refinement slow on CS v4.1

Dear all,

does anyone else suffer from massively reduced computing speed for NU refinement after updating cryosparc?
Similar jobs that ran before ~6h take now ~42h on the same machine. This is a huge slow down and as far as I can tell exclusive for NU.


What where the CryoSPARC versions (and patch levels) for the 6h and 42h runtimes, respectively?
If you have a pair of job clones with identical parameters and inputs:

  1. one run before upgrade to v4.1
  2. clone of (1.) run on the same worker after the upgrade

for direct comparison, please could you send us for both jobs:

  • job.json
  • output redirected to a file for
    cryosparcm cli "get_job_streamlog('PX', 'JY')" > streamlog_PX_JY.out


Will send you the requested files separately.
Thanks for investigating.

@tarek Is it still true that


Did you run a variety of NU-refinement jobs after upgrading to v4.1 and have the impression that all of them are similarly affected?