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Feature request:

It would really help to have a specific “Notes” function for the project, the workspace and for each job. It would make annotations and future references easy when projects are revisited or transferred from one person to another. I can currently put information in the “Description” section but that’s neither intuitive nor is it obviously in my face.
It will also help to have checkboxes “Success” or “Fail” or “Revisit” and/or potentially other options for each project. I run multiple projects on multiple workstations and it would really help if I could know what the status of each project is just by looking at these checkboxes instead of having to dig through the whole dataset.



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I would personally say the description section meets the functionality of the notes section you are currently speaking of, but maybe some more elaboration on how it can be improved would be helpful.

On the other hand, our lab currently keeps an excel spread sheet for each project that we can reference for information on workspaces, and jobs. The reason I would recommend this over putting the information into cryosparc directly is that when you back up a project and remove it from your server to make space for future projects, you can reference the excel without having to unpack the project.
This is also useful for if you have to revisit data that someone else in the lab has processed. We noticed the tree view is useful for tracking a workflow, but when its not your tree and there are many cross branches and merging of pipelines it can become difficult to follow a thought process or reason as to why a certain process was carried out.
If you would like, I could email you a copy of one of these spreadsheets. We keep them saved on a shared folder in OneDrive/Sharepoint so they can be viewed/edited on the fly in live view by multiple people simultaneously.

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Those are excellent points. Thank you. I agree with you. I was just trying to integrate metadata into the workflow easily without having to use an external tool but what you suggested makes sense too. I’d love to get a copy of the excel sheet.

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Thanks @vamsee @schiracha for the suggestions. We are currently working on adding a tagging and notes system that will apply to projects and workspaces! You will also have the capability to export a list of projects/workspaces/jobs as a CSV for additional bookkeeping.

- Suhail

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