No job.json in exported job

I exported particles from a job
Exporting 'particles' from P22 J199

However, there was no job.json file produced. When I tried to import this into the same instance I got the following error
Import Job Error in P22: Unable to locate job.json in /run/media/mohammad/Data2/P22/exports/groups/P22_J198_particles

Only .cs, .csg, and job directories were made in job export

Hi @Geoffrey,

Since you exported a “result group”, i.e., particles, from J198, a job.json would not be created (expected behaviour) and that’s why you can’t import this result group back into cryoSPARC as though it’s a job using Import Job.

To import the result group, you need to use the Import Result Group found in the Imports section of the Job Builder. I hope this helps!

Here is more info on Import Result Group:

Thanks very much! Everything is working as expected. I’ll have to read the documentation closer next time!