New Youtube Channel

Hey Everyone,

I’m a grad student who is just getting started data processing and I have created a new YouTube channel called CryoEM Tutorials.

The purpose of this channel is to create a resource much like cryoSPARC discuss that allows people to upload videos of themselves solving a problem they think would be useful for others.

For example, I was working with a Hexamer that I was having difficulty running local refinement on. After many attempts I finally found a solution that wasn’t covered in any of the cryoSPARC tutorials. I uploaded a video of the issue I was having, how I made my mask, how the problem looked in cryosparc, and the solution.

If you have the time, just record your screen and talk us through what you did. Then email me at and I will upload your video. Thanks!


Hi Lucas,

Great idea! This is what I guess many people entering the field need, including me.

Thank you for the initiave and for sharing it!


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