New minimum of 3 GPUs for Cryosparc live?


We have a cloud machine that we use for Cryosparc live processing at our center, there is only 2 GPUs which works tolerably (1 for pre-processing, 1 for 2D classes or reconstruction). It is a cluster configuration with two targets that each have 1 GPU. The latest version of cryosparc-live gives us the error

Unable to start session: ServerError: 'phase_two_gpus': Lane default does not have a target with 2 GPUs.

whenever a live run is started which I assume is because reconstruction and auxiliary lanes each require 1 GPU. Is there a way around this?

A lane with two single-GPU targets will be supported in our next release. If you require a workaround before the next release (date tbd), please let us know the version of CryoSPARC you use currently.

Hi @wtempel, we are using v4.3.1

Is there a workaround or solution for this problem yet?



@EMcRae, a fix for this was released in v4.4, please see the changelog item here. Thanks!