NaN/Inf Error During Patch CTF Estimation in CryoSPARC

Hello everyone:)

I’ve encountered an issue with Patch CTF Estimation on my processing and I could really use some advice.

Recently, we had a pixel size adjustment on our Glacios microscope(with Falcon 4i) from the original 0.8939 to 0.841(mag → 120k). I successfully processed a batch of 200 apoferritin images with the new pixel size without any issues. However, when I attempted to process 2000 images of my protein sample using the updated pixel size, I ran into an NaN/Inf error at the Patch CTF Estimation step today (screenshot).

Interestingly, when I reverted back to the old pixel size of 0.8939 for the protein sample, the processing went through without any errors. I didn’t change any other parameter changes except pixel size… then the cause of this issue would likely be the pixel size, right…? Is it possible that the pixel size isn’t the cause? This issue wouldn’t have occurred because processing was done with files uploaded to the server while image acquisition was still ongoing, would it?

If new pixel size was wrong, why there were no issues when processing the apoferritin images with the new pixel size? I am just so confuse… Could there be a specific reason why the pixel size change would affect one sample and not the other, or could it just be a coincidence?

If my question sounds a bit silly, I apologize…

Welcome to the forum @miaL .
Please can you post the error message as text, to make it easier for interested forum users to find this discussion. In this particular case, please additionally post a few log entries above the traceback, for context.
Please can you also post the output of this command:

cryosparcm  cli "get_job('PX', 'JY', 'job_type', 'version', 'params_spec', 'instance_information')"

for which you replace PX, JY with the actual project and job IDs, respectively.

Hi, miaL. I had the same problem like yours, did you solve this problem? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum @Las.
Please can you describe the circumstances (workflow, parameter choices/changes, etc.) in your case and also include the information: