Multiple user support?


In the context of use at a core facility, where many users are using the same Live instance, it would be very useful to have support for individual user accounts, where users can only see their own sessions. Is this on the roadmap?

It would also be useful (in both Live and regular cryosparc) to have user-specific preferences files where defaults for individual settings could be changed. Different users collect different types of samples, and this would make setup easier and faster.


Multi user support is already built in. Here is a tutorial that goes over how to create users.

I was talking specifically about Live - I don’t think this is the case for Live?

Cryosparc Live is built on top of Cryosparcv2, so when adding users to Cryosparcv2, you are adding users to Cryosparc Live. You should be able to access the interface at the same url but with a different port name. I think it defaults to :40000 for Cryosparcv2 and :40006 for Cryosparc Live.

The way we have handled it is by creating accounts for each user there, loggining into the Cryosparcv2 interface with the new account. Creating a project with that users name and then on the Cryosparc Live interface logining in with that new users and starting a session.

And I actually find it easier to make user using the command line interface. The commands look something like the following

cryosparcm createuser --email
–password Password123
–name “Max Overdrive”

Ah I just tested - this does seem to work for Live, my apologies! Thank you!


No Problem,

There is also a feature where you can share projects with other users. I find it helpful for PIs to be able to see all projects from there group.