Multiple inputs and outputs for volume tools?


Increasingly, we are working with many volumes at once - mutiple classes from 3D-classification, multiple masks, etc. It would streamline our workflow quite a lot if it were possible to apply the same operation to multiple volumes at once. There are many use cases for this, e.g.:

  • Rescaling/cropping multiple classes from heterogeneous refinement or ab initio to a different box size, for use as inputs for a new round of classification after extraction in a different box;
  • Applying a consistent lowpass filter to multiple volumes at once
  • Making/altering multiple masks at once with the same threshold & soft edge.

Would it be possible to enhance volume tools such that it can accomodate multiple inputs/outputs?

Similarly, it would also be useful if “import 3D volumes” allowed for import of multiple volumes at once. Both of these alterations would also help declutter workspaces, by compacting multiple jobs into a single card.



Absolutely second this! FYI @olibclarke “Import 3D Volumes” does allow importing multiple volumes at once using a wildcard, but everything downstream becomes singular. It would be great if some inputs/outputs were treated as iterables for some job types.

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