Moving projects from workstation instance to HPC instance

Sorry if this issue has already been solved elsewhere, but I can’t find the precise issue I have encountered:

I have an instance of cryosparc installed on a local workstation, and I need to move 2 projects from that workstation to an HPC environment where cryosparc is already installed.

Can I “move” those projects from the instance on the workstation to the instance on the HPC by simply moving/importing the project job directories? Do I need to manipulate the database as well?

Any advice from the community will be much appreciated–thanks!

Hi @Cryo_EM_Jonny, please see this detailed tutorial which covers export and import of projects:

Hi–thanks so much for pointing me towards this, and sorry for the naive question… looks like this is much simpler to do since v2.11+

Thanks again!

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