Moving projects from one account to another

The previous account with older projects was lost when by error a new account was created and settled in the installation configuration. The other account is no longer accesible but I wonder is if it is possible to incorporate those projects into my new account (In a similar way you can change the output directory of a project to another HDD). The project folders are all conserved so I wonder if just a directory change would work.

You can manipulate the database directly, changing passwords and giving multiple users access to the same projects. There are instructions in the cryoSPARC online reference.

Hi @CarlosPH24, like Daniel said, to recover the project you can log in as an Administrator and use the “Share with users” menu:

This works assuming the project is on the same working cryoSPARC instance. We do also provide some strategies for moving around entire project folders, more details here:

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