Moving particle coordinates between cryosparc instances

Hi all
I apologise as i am almost certain this would have been covered, but i could not find a post, and the tutorials didn’t seem to help/work.

I am trying to migrate coordinates from one older instance that is no longer accessible on our cluster, to a new instance that is. In both instances I am using the same micrograph stack (i think the CTF correction was performed independently in each instance, but both were motion corrected on a different instance and imported).

I am having issues with particle picking/classing, and i magically somehow got the picks to work on the older instance (re-ran the job with identical paratmers on the new instance and got a completely different result?!). So my hope is just to import the coordinates, re-extract and work from there.

I feel like this should be very simple, but i havent figured it out. I exported a homogenous refinement job (maybe not the most logical job but i figured it should have the particle coordinate information?) on the old instance and tried: import particles, and import result group. Import particles wouldn’t work without ‘particle meta path’ of which i couldn’t find a compatible file in the exported group.

'Import result group" ran and says it imported the particles, however they won’t extract from the micrographs (just says no particles on every micrograph).

Any assistance will be appreciated!

Thank you dearly,

Hi James

Take a look at the “reassign particles to micrographs” job:

This should help - if you are able too import your particles (using import result group) you should then be able to use this to reassign them to the micrographs you have on the new instance.


I think that has done it!
Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: