More granular control over exports (feature request)

As discussed here, when exporting a job for use on another system (or for use in a tutorial/workshop), currently somewhat convoluted workarounds are required to ensure that only the desired elements are transferred.

It would be useful to have more granular control of what elements of a job to propagate at export time, and ideally to have an integrated way to generate a tarball with symlinks dereferenced (rather than the user having to know that this is necessary and perform this operation separately).



Thanks @olibclarke. We made a note of your suggestion.

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Thanks @wtempel - this would be particularly useful for Live, where users often need to transfer exported jobs from a facility computer to their home workstation. As it stands, the “exported particles” job contains (1) all particles, not just selected particles, and (2) the motion corrected averages, and the “exported exposures” job also contains movies.

Being able to just quickly export a job that only contains the selected particles would be very useful in the event that one wants to do some quick followup processing on the home workstation.

Likewise, if I want to just continue processing from motion corrected averages with associated CTF estimates, I don’t think there is a way to do that currently without copying over movies too - this would be useful to have.

EDIT: As an addition for Live (not considering exports in general), perhaps adding an “export selected particles” option would be worthwhile? This would restack selected particles and then export without location information (so as to not export motion corrected averages at the same time).