Modifying symlinks in session folders

Hi all,

I have been trying to modify symlinks for a project which are stored in a folder from a previous live session named “S1”. I tried to use the cli.job_import_replace_symlinks(project_uid, job_uid, prefix_cut, prefix_new) command, with ‘S1’ being the job_uid. This resulted in an error: ServerError: P84 S1 does not exist. When I tried this command with other jobs in the project with “Jxx” being the job_uid, the output for the command is zero for the number of symlinks changed.

Is there a way to modify symlinks stored in folders from live sessions with “Sxx” being the name of the job folder?


Solved the problem by:

  1. mounting the disc containing movies to the GPU worker
  2. On the worker, replacing the broken symlinks in the Sxx/import_movies with links pointing to the mounted movies.
  3. Run subsequent jobs using the GPU worker where the disc is mounted on.