Minor UI suggestion for volume tools - show units in UI?


Volume tools does not specify the units for the dilation radius or soft padding width. I think it is pixels, but would it be possible to specify this in the UI (e.g. “Dilation Radius (pixels)” instead of just “Dilation Radius”)? It would make it clearer for users I think (especially given that in other job types such values are expressed in Å).

I also wonder if it would be better to express this parameter in Å - currently, if the user performs a resampling operation and a dilation/soft padding operation at the same time, the dilation and soft padding widths are expressed as the number of resampled pixels (meaning the edges/dilation extent are twice as wide if the user inputs the same values while resampling to half the box size)


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Dear Oli,

Do you get any reply from the developer? So it is pixels, right?

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Hi Yanhe,

No reply but yes, I believe so.


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Hi all,

Just confirming that the units for both are in pixels at the final (resampled) box size. We will clarify this as a note in the parameter description.



definitely pixels bc if you accidentally generate mask resampled to het refine volume output, you realize that output is 2x pixel and your extended mask is a giant monster. :blush: