Migrating individual projects to a different filesystem folder?

We have quite a few users, so cryosparc projects are typically saved in a subdirectory named after the user whose project it is. Occasionally users screw up and place the project at the root of the cryosparc data area. Since I haven’t been able to find any metadata in these project folders that might identify whose project this is after the fact, this turns into a maintenance headache down the road. So, 2 questions:

  1. Is there any way to find out who created a cryosparc project?

  2. What’s involved in moving just a single project to a new location? I’ve migrated the entire cryosparc data hierarchy to a a new folder, but never just a single project.

Hi @pgoetz,

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, two ways.
First, in the user interface, with a project selected in the details panel:
Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 11.33.48 AM

Second, using the cryoSPARC interactive python shell cryosparcm icli:

owner_user_id = cli.get_project('<project_uid>')['owner_user_id']

We recently updated the guide to include this use case: https://guide.cryosparc.com/processing-data/tutorials-and-case-studies/tutorial-migrating-your-cryosparc-instance#update-a-single-project
It’s just a single command once you’ve copied over the project directory.