Micrograph index meaning?


How is the micrograph/movie “index” displayed in Curate Exposures determined? In the guide it states that e.g. for plotting phase shift vs index:

“Plot showing change of phase shift over time during data collection (NB: micrographs should be imported in chronological order for this to be correct)”

How does one “import micrographs in chronological order”? Are the index values just taken from the file creation time then?


Hi @olibclarke - the order is displayed as the same order that the import job created when it was traversing the files, which is that the files that match the wildcard import path are all found and then they are sorted in alpha order. We don’t look at file metadata (eg creation time etc).

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@apunjani It would be cool if those were natsorted, and also in the file browser. It’s hard to navigate to the most latest job in projects with many pages of jobs, for example.