Merging simulated particle stacks


Using 2 separate simulate data jobs, I imported 2 volumes and generate simulated particle stacks. I would like to know if there is any way to merge this two particle stacks and export them? In fact, I don’t want to do any more job on these simulated stacks. I just want to export them as one stack. Also, I figured out that we can import two volumes for simulated data but it gets too much slow compared to the case with one volume.


Hi @shekshaa, the fastest way to do this is with the “Downsample Particles” job. Drag the outputs from both jobs into the inputs for the Downsample job. Leave the “Fourier crop” parameter blank, and all other parameters at their default value. The output will be a single combined particle stack.

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Great! It worked! Thank you so much, @nfrasser. I really appreciate your answer.

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