Manual picking fails to run

Using cryoSPARC version 2.13.2, manual picking fails with the error shown in the screenshot.

This job was a clone of a previous job that worked perfectly fine before with an earlier version of cryoSPARC. Advice?

Hi @jcheung we are investigating - was this working before with the exact same input data? What are the movie sizes and camera type? superres?

Yes this was with the exact same input data. I had problems running a manual picking job and cloned a previously working job to verify that it was due to the version change. The movies were collected on a DE20 camera but the motion correction wasn’t performed in cryoSPARC. I believe MotionCor2 was used for drift correction in Appion ( I didn’t do this myself) and I imported the motion-corrected images into cryoSPARC as micrographs for processing.

Unfortunately the simplest workaround right now (in a rush) is to downgrade to an earlier version! we will fix this asap.