Local resolution of maps from Relion

Hi -
I was wondering if there is a way in the latest version to import half maps from Relion and just run a local resolution map analysis in CryoSparc. I see that there is the option “half map A” and “b” in CryoSparc when importing 3D volume, but then, I can’t make the local resolution work on them. Has anyone an idea of the best way to do it without having to re-run a 3D refinement in CryoSparc?


AFAIK, by default Cryosparc uses blocres from bsoft (which you can download and use outside the cryosparc system).

ok, thanks a lot for the reply

Hi @ncoudray, @peter.cherepanov,

In fact cryoSPARC does not use blocres, it’s our own implementation with modifications (also GPU accelerated).
To use external half-maps, you need to import both half-maps separately, and then use the “Low Level Results” system. There is a tutorial for exactly this case here:

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for the info!