Local resolution mask

Hello, it seems that the ‘local resolution’ job always uses the pass through mask of the volume (mask_refine), even if an additional input (created with ‘volume tools’) mask has been given. If I delete the pass through mask, the job fails. Anybody else experiencing this?

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We plan to release a fix in an upcoming update.

In the meanwhile, there is a workaround:

  1. use your local resolution job mask first in a dummy refinement run
  2. run just one iteration, then kill the job and mark it as complete
  3. in the local resolution job input (volume, click down arrow), replace the pass through mask (mask_refine) with the output mask from this dummy refinement run

Hi all,

This issue is now fixed in the latest patch.



Hi Michael,

Thanks! It works - but if MonoRes is used, it seems it still reads the wrong mask. Can you please check?

Best wishes,

Hi @Juha,

The job should print out a message at the start which clarifies which mask is being loaded. This message is in the stream log (either starting with “Static mask was connected…” or “A mask_refine input was found in the input volume…”). Could you indicate which was printed out, as well as provide a screenshot of the full (uncollapsed) job inputs? Which mask is being used, and which mask did you expect the job to use?


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