Local resolution estimation on imported maps

Hello. Does anyone know how to successfully run local resolution estimation using external maps as input in cryoSPARC? I haven’t had any luck on the refined maps of cisTEM. Will appreciate any help! John

Never mind. I just figured this out by using one input group in the local res estimation builder to populate 3D volumes (i.e., imported two half maps outside cryosparc). John

Hi xtalee,
I was trying to run local resolution estimation on cisTEM half map in cryoSPARC.
I could not able to run the job and getting errors.

I imported two half and one full maps from cisTEM and mask file (generated in relion) in cryoSPARC to run local resolution estimation.

Can you help me how you run the local resolution estimation on cisTEM maps?

Thank you

Hi Nitesh,

I remember that I also struggled to figure this out. Please find the attachment. Hope it works for you!