Local refinement output maps

Hello cryosparc community!

For local refinement, even if you don’t select the “use non-uniform refinement” option, you can still pass the map into a local resolution job. Also, the “locres” map still shows up as an output that can be downloaded from the local refinement job if non-uniform refinement is not used (but it can’t be downloaded - the page just says it can’t download the map after lots of waiting), perhaps changing these would help the software a little more straightforward.

Thank you!

In the first case, I believe any 2 half-maps can be used for a local resolution job (at least if blocres is used).

@DanielAsarnow is correct about the input required for local resolution estimation (which uses a GPU version of blocres).

@kkeon I think the job mistakenly indicates that the local resolution will be calculated even when it wuoldn’t be - thanks for reporting this. We will try to fix!