Local motion correction leads to worse NU refinement

Dear All,

I have a dataset that yielded a NU refinement at a resolution of ~2.5 Å.

then I tried to apply local motion correction and re-perform the refinement, that now presents a different viewing direction distribution and a very unusual Posterior Precision Directional Distribution.

The improvements on the resolution are marginal, and the map obtained looks weird.

Has anybody encountered this problem before and has any suggestion?


Haven’t seen this before, but did you try a quick 2D classification after local motion correction? I wonder if a small percentage of badly behaved particles are throwing things off (this sometimes happens after polishing)

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What happens with local refinement?

As Oli says, if there are enough bad particles still hiding in the data, it can cause all sorts of strange behaviour.

Do your particles still look like particles, or do they now look like noise?