Local Motion Correction Job Error

Hi All,

I have encountered a problem while running local motion correction. I initially was running the 3.3.2 version with 1080 Ti GPU (11GB). I have tried several different path leading to the local motion correction including patch motion correction or full frame motion correction with patch CTF correction or full frame CTF. The particles are either from topaz picking or blot picking and extracted with 320 or 256 box size. However, none of these worked and all gave the an assertion error: fourier crop not supported. Then, I tried the same thing on another pc which was running the 3.3.1 version with 1050 Ti GPU (4GB) and again, the job failed with the same problem. After updating to the newest version 3.3.2. on the new pc, I re-ran the local motion correction job and in addition to the error that I saw before, another error saying First exposure failed with exception.

[CPU: 293.4 MB]  Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/li/cryosparc2/cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/runcommon.py", line 1811, in run_with_except_hook
    run_old(*args, **kw)
  File "/home/li/cryosparc2/cryosparc_worker/deps/anaconda/envs/cryosparc_worker_env/lib/python3.7/threading.py", line 870, in run
    self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
  File "/home/li/cryosparc2/cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/pipeline.py", line 86, in stage_target
    work = processor.exec(item)
  File "/home/li/cryosparc2/cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/pipeline.py", line 43, in exec
    return self.process(item)
  File "cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/motioncorrection/run_local.py", line 209, in cryosparc_compute.jobs.motioncorrection.run_local.run_local_motion_correction_multi.motionworker.process
  File "cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/motioncorrection/run_local.py", line 220, in cryosparc_compute.jobs.motioncorrection.run_local.run_local_motion_correction_multi.motionworker.process
AssertionError: Fourier cropping not support.
[CPU: 224.7 MB]  Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/run.py", line 85, in cryosparc_compute.run.main
  File "cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/motioncorrection/run_local.py", line 362, in cryosparc_compute.jobs.motioncorrection.run_local.run_local_motion_correction_multi
AssertionError: First exposure failed with exception: <cryosparc_compute.jobs.pipeline.PipelineExceptionResult object at 0x7efff98e0ed0>

A backward trace of your job history might reveal the source of this error. Beginning with a local motion correction job that failed in v3.3.2, please can you collect the job documents for ancestor jobs up to and including movie import.
For each of the jobs, please copy (Metadata tab, Copy to clipboard button), paste (into a simple text editor that doesn’t automatically convert double quotes to smart quotes) and save job descriptions as a text file. I will contact you by direct message about transmitting the files to us.

Thanks for the reply. We have figured out the cause of the problem. It was caused by a project default value that we set earlier (bin_size_pix). We then ran the following command:

cryosparcm cli "unset_project_param_default("P17", 'bin_size_pix')"

This fixed the local motion job problem for us. Since we don’t have the failed job anymore, currently we don’t have the error messages for you to back track. But if you think it is of any value, we can try to reproduce it. Please let us know.

Thank you @MinJin for sharing your solution. Knowing that you resolved the problem (and how), I think there is no longer any need to reproduce it.