Local motion correction from binned super-res movies

I have initially F-cropped super-res movies during patch alignment to 0.5.
Now I’m hitting physical nyquist and want to do local motion correction while re-extracting particle images with less cropping.
What is the box size during local motion now referring to: unbinned data or initially 0.5 cropped?
In case I get back the 0.5 cropped data, how can I retrieve the unbinned aligned micrographs for extraction?


Due to the small pixel and large box size everything goes really slow, however I found out that local motion is really going back to the raw pixel size.
Hope that will help others.

Is it by the way possible to use the low memory mode available in cs live during regular motion correction?

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I think the local motion will run on original un-binned super-resolution movie and will extract particles by smaller pixel size. you can down sample the particles after it.

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