Local motion correction fails at end (v4.0)

Hi all,

We are getting an error when attempting local motion correction on a subset of particles.

This job has always run fine for us for many years, but now we are getting the following error at the very end of the job:

It seems to being everything else just fine right up until the job tries to formally complete.

I looked around online for anyone experiencing a similar issue, but have yet to encounter any pre-existing topics discussing this.

For clarity, we are using micrographs output from an upstream Patch-CTF job, and particles from a NU-refinement job.

Thanks, all.

Hi @borsta ! Thanks for reporting.
We have found the issue and the fix will be out in the next minor release early next week.
The issue only happens when there are micrographs with zero particles going into local motion, so if you can filter those out (using exposure curation perhaps) then you should be able to get it run now as a workaround.

Thanks so much, Ali. :slight_smile: