Local motion correction; EER data resampling

Dear CryoSPARC team,

Would it be possible to implement resampling of EER movies during local motion processing? Similar to how RELION can for Bayesian polishing of EER movies - early processing can be done with 4K micrographs (saving space, especially since CryoSPARC creates two copies of every micrograph) before a quick Python script runs through the motion corrected metadata and converts it so that the output from Bayesian polishing is “super resolution”.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @rbs_sci,

This is a good point, thank you for the feature request. Though I can’t promise any specific timeline to implement this, I’ve recorded the request.


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Thanks for the reply! Look forward to it (as well as the reference-based motion correction that Ali teased at the GRC) :slight_smile:

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