Local motion correction and raw movie usage

Hi team!

I would like to understand why cryoSPARC keeps reading the original raw movie files during a local motion correction when I give as input the patch motion-corrected micrographs.
There is some passthrough information when I input the output of the patch motion-correction job but is there a way this could be avoided?

Passthrough info with origin on the Import Movies job/raw data :


In my case (as perhaps of others), I have the raw data in a different storage device and I find it advantageous to work independently from it, especially after producing a 1TB on the patch motion correction job.


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I’ve had the same issue (my raw micrographs are superres while the motion corrected ones are 2x binned so I’d also prefer to use the binned ones for speed/storage usage reasons)

@AndreGraca @kpahil Patch or full-frame aligned micrographs are, in a way, averages of the underlying movie frames and lack the time-resolved information that’s used in particle-local motion correction. For that information, cryoSPARC refers back to the raw movies.


It makes total sense, can’t figure out why I did not think about it since motion correction needs to be performed again and the outputs of patch/full frame motion correction are already the averages as you well mentioned.