Local default value for Topaz path


We were wondering if it would be possible to provide local default values for certain cryoSPARC job fields. In particular, we would like to have a way to create a local default value for “Path to Topaz executable” so that the user doesn’t need to remember and type in this value each time they create a job. Is there currently a way to do this (other than hardcoding the values in build_topaz.py and build_topaz_denoise.py)? If not, perhaps this would be a feature worth adding to cryoSPARC.



That would be nice…

HI @stevew,

You can do this by running the following command:

cryosparcm cli "set_project_param_default('<project_uid>', 'exec_path', '<path_to_topaz>')"

For example:
cryosparcm cli "set_project_param_default('P25', 'exec_path', '/u/cryosparcuser/miniconda2/envs/topaz/bin/topaz/')"

Thanks… that would be a help but it’s still less than optimal. Our users don’t have direct access to the cryosparcm command as the cryoSPARC user. Perhaps I could write a script that would execute sudo to run cryosparcm as the cryoSPARCM user, something like “set-topaz-path <project_id>”.

But it would be ideal to have some way of setting site defaults that would take effect for the installation as a whole. I could easily set these values as the system administrator and that would remove one more obstacle for the users.

Thanks again for the response!

Hi @stevew,

That’s definitely true- we’ll look into a way for users and admins to easily set instance-wide defaults for parameters of their choosing.

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Okay, that sounds good!