[Live] Multiple Select and Reprocess

Hey team,

One of the things that I have encountered as the datasets become larger in numbers, it is the ability to select a specific set (or specific micrographs) during the live session, and change some parameters that are better suited, and “reprocess” them. It would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut (like <R< for rejection) and/or the ability to select a specific range or individual micros for reprocessing.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@stavros Roughly how many exposures do you expect to select for reprocessing, and which parameters would you want to readjust?

In order of thousands.

Thanks. Which parameters would you like to adjust?

Frames to be removed from motion correction, ctf search parameters, and sometimes just selecting and removing specific micrographs all together from the dataset as there are some weird errors with indexing and particle uids. @wtempel

Hi @stravos, this isn’t current possible from the UI. If you have command line access, you may do this manually. Define a bash function like this:

function reset_exposure_range() {
  local PUID="$1"
  local SUID="$2"
  local start=$3
  local stop=$4
  for i in $(seq $start $stop); do
    cryosparcm rtpcli "reset_individual_exposure('$PUID', '$SUID', $i)"

You can put this in ~/bashrc, restart your terminal, and run it like this:

reset_exposure_range P3 S4 100 200

Replace P3 and S4 with the project and session IDs, respectively. Replace 100 and 200 with the range of exposure numbers you’d like to reprocess.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.