Live interface slowing down as the session progresses

Hi all,

We are starting to use cryoSPARC Live as our facility on-the-fly solution. The initial set up goes well and the first few dozen micrographs. After starting the streaming class2D job, interacting with the web interface seems to go a lot slower.

This means that switching between jobs, sessions, exposures all goes very slowly or requires force refreshes and eventually doesn’t function at all.

I am not the administrator of our install, but could anyone point us in the right direction of where to look - I am assuming this is a configuration problem?

Hi @jstreetley,

Thanks for the post! This is definitely unusual; we test cryoSPARC Live on sessions with over 25,000 exposures without any drop in performance or UI responsiveness.

To help us debug this, please reply with the following logs:

cryosparcm log command_rtp
cryosparcm log app
cryosparcm log database

Additionally, if you notice the browser tab freezes, before refreshing please open the browser console (right click, inspect element, click on the ‘Console’ tab) and include any error messages you see.


Thanks Suhail. My users this week haven’t been running on the fly, but I will check this in my next Live session and get back to you.