Live feature suggestion for Overview tab

Hi, two minor feature suggestions for the Overview tab in Live:

  1. It would be useful if the single currently selected micrograph (in the thumbnail carousel in the upper panel) was highlighted in the overview plots, perhaps in green, to match the selection outline. This would allow easy correlation of a specific bad/good micrograph with whatever parameter one is plotting in the overview - useful because these are very crowded plots.

  2. In Curate Exposures, one can restrict the display to just show accepted micrographs, excluded micrographs, or all micrographs. This would be useful for the Overview tab in Live as well. Often one or two outliers (e.g. in CTF fit, ice thickness, etc) throws the scale off such that it can then be difficult to clearly visualize remaining variability. If we could just show accepted mics after applying a threshold, this would I think make tweaking params easier.