Live Facility Preserving Overview Data

We have been using cryosparc Live for a few months now before Covid SIP slowed data collection. One thing we have been wanting to do is preserve the Overview tab and Session overview stats but removing all the bulky session data. We have gone through and cleared intermediate data but this still leaves a lot behind that is no longer needed.

We want to keep the metadata as a way to monitor the data quality over time. Anyone have idea on how to best accomplish this?

I think most of the bulk is in the motion-corrected averages (it generates one dose-weighted and one non-doseweighted average per stack), and the particle stacks, depending on binning. You could delete these manually and I think all the other metadata would remain, but it’s a bit of a fiddle - I agree having something to do so automatically would be useful

Hi @Paul and @olibclarke, thanks for raising this, it’s a great idea. We are thinking on the best way to preserve useful session info for future reference. In the meantime the approach Oli suggested will probably work for some things but some things e.g. plots, etc might break.