Live exposure import only after touch

Hello! I have selected a watch directory with the “Filename wildcard filter *” and default options in the other windows. However, new files added to the directory are not entering in for processing. Moving them to a new folder and adding that folder as an additional exposure group does not help, nor does pausing and unpausing the session. Somehow, running this command in the exposure folder convinced cryosparc to add them:
for i in *.tif; do touch ${i}; done
Why would this happen? How can I avoid it?

I have a couple additional questions:

What is “Minimum Last Modified Time Delta” ? Is the default zero or not checking? If I rsync from a machine ‘in the future’ (different system time) while preserving timestamps, is this going to do anything weird?
How frequently does cryoSPARC scan for new files? Is there any way to force a rescan?

Hi @jkaelber,

This parameter is used when finding new files- it’s the time (in seconds) since the file was “last modified”. If the current delta is smaller than this value, the file will be ignored. By default, this value is 0 (all files are valid).

The Real-Time Processing (RTP) Manager will check for new files every five seconds as long as the Enable continuous import parameter is enabled. There is no way to force a rescan.

This statement gives a hint as to why using touch works- are your files’ last_modified times in the future? From man touch: “By default, touch changes both modification and access times”. This is most likely why your files are only being seen after running this command on them. Is it possible to convert timezones when using rsync?