Live 2D classification stuck in building mode and "could not queue 2D class job"

Running cryosparc live and 2D classification tab is stuck on “Configure Streaming Classification” page. When I click Queue, it says “Could not queue 2D classification job”

I tried pausing and restarting the live session. I also deleted the live 2D job from the workspace. It still gives the deleted job number in the live 2D builder.

Thanks for any help.

I also get “Could not build ab-initio job” when I click “build a new job with custom parameters”
It seems cannot build any live jobs

@cryofun Please can you post screen shots of the

We are having the same issue.

Thanks for your post @Juha.

What version of CryoSPARC are you using?
Is it possible that a 2D Class (S) job was deleted from the workspace associated with the Live session?

Version 4.4.0. It’s possible that a previous 2D classification job was killed and also deleted

@Juha Does this command

help in your case?