List disk space utilization in details tab of project/workspace/job pages [feature request]


It would be handy if cryosparc listed the space occupied on disk by all of the files associated with a selected job, workspace or project. I’d suggest listing this in the details tab of the job, workspace, or project. This would be helpful for identifying which jobs are the best to delete to quickly free up some space. I can do this on the command line, but this would be a lot more convenient.


Hi Oli,

The database is huge too. I have a little tool for cleaning up job folders and the database. I will share it after I tidy the program a bit.


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Hi @olibclarke, @ZhijieLi,

Thanks for bringing this up. We’ve built this feature already and are in the process of internally testing it to ensure it works well and covers other use cases (such as importing or exporting jobs/projects). The new data management feature-set also includes filesystem and database stats integrated into the UI, which can be helpful to determine how much storage cryoSPARC is taking up and take action to clean up certain jobs or projects.

We’re excited to get this out and will let you know as soon as an update is available!


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