Links to prior experiments in experiment cards [Feature Request]

Currently, by default CryoSPARC lists the experiments that are the source of the particle selections and models used in a given experiment in the experiment title - e.g. “S[#1049-model] P[all]”.

If one wants to reuse the particle selection or input model(s), or just visit the preceding experiment, it can require quite some awkward scrolling and hunting about if that experiment occurred some time ago.

It would therefore be useful if links were given in the experiment card to the experiments contributing particles and/or models to the current expt, and/or perhaps to list the inputs in a manner that they can easily be reused to run variants of the same experiment - e.g. with three models rather than four, or a different particle set. That is, rather than just listing the outputs for selection as models/particles, also list inputs in the same manner.


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