Limitation of 16 pre processing workers in CryoSPARC Live

Is there a reason for a restriction on a max of 16 preprocessing workers? Can this be changed by a configuration change? I would like more preprocessing workers.

Hi @francis.reyes ,

Thanks for the post! Sorry about this - there’s no reason for the limitation other than the fact that the interface was designed only to show options from 1 to 16 GPU workers. We’ve made a note to convert this parameter into a number input so you can specify any amount - this will be released in an upcoming CryoSPARC version.

In the meantime, you can programatically change the value of the number of preprocessing workers (however this change won’t be correctly reflected in the interface in the current version):

Enter this CryoSPARC Live CLI command in your terminal from the user account running CryoSPARC : cryosparcm rtpcli "update_compute_configuration('P1', 'S1', 'phase_one_gpus', 32)"

Where P1 should be your project ID, S1 should be your session ID, and 32 is the number of preprocessing worker GPUs you wish to configure.

- Suhail

Strangely enough it does change the number of Preprocessing workers shown in the Configuration panel to the left in cryosparc, but even after stopping and starting the session, i only get a max of 16.

Please can you clarify whether only 16 workers are being used, or only a maximum of 16 are shown in some (which?) section of the UI.

Hi @francis.reyes ,

In v4.5, released on May 7, the parameter for preprocessing workers is now a number input, allowing you to set it to a value greater than 16 within the interface.


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