Large instance directory - mostly imports directory

We have a standalone installation of cryoSPARC on a single machine. The instance folder is on a 4TB SSD RAID0 array. The data is kept on a 40TB ZFS filestystem.

I’ve just noticed that the SSD is full, and that this is almost entirely the instance folder. Inside is a very large ‘imports’ folder, containing copies of data from the large filesystem (presumably the data imported by users).

Should this be happening?

Can I tidy up this data (or replace it by symbolic links) without breaking anything?

Hi @mokca, cryoSPARC copies particle images here from your ZFS bulk storage system to your SSD during certain jobs where particle image data needs to be read quickly, frequently and repeatedly. These include 2D Classification, Ab-initio and Refinement.

As you noted, the data is a copy of information already available on ZFS, so you may safely delete all this data when no jobs are running. Do not replace it with symlinks.

By default, cryoSPARC uses as much room as it can on the SSD and automatically removes data it no longer needs over time. If you’d like to restrict how much data cryoSPARC uses, you can update the configuration with the cryosparcw connect --update command.

Details here:

Hope that helps!



Thanks, this was a great help.