Just show parents/children (feature request)


In the “cards” view of a workspace, it would be very helpful to have a toggle to only show, in addition to the selected job, the parents and children of the selected job. Kind of a “focus” mode of a sort.

This would be very useful when the parent job is separated by a large number of jobs from the active job, and would make it much easier to inspect the parent (e.g. when making a job with modified parameters, e.g. selecting different class from the parent job).



agreed, and also the inclusion of “cloned from this” seems more cumbersome than useful. often I’ll clone to get parameters, but fill with completely different parents, so the “cloned from” job doesn’t need to be highlighted.


I second @olibclarke and @CryoEM2 request and opinions!

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Sorry but I couldn’t resist adding my requests, too:

  1. “Clone branch” : very often I create several test sequences, for instance template picker → extract → 2D classification (and/or ab-initio), with different settings for each job. This requires a lot of clicking to clone and attach the different sequences. It would be nice to be able to clone the entire pipeline in less clicks.
  2. For almost every project I’ve been working on, I end up with 5 or more workspaces. In a given workspace, when I click on the workflow icon, only the jobs that are relevant to that workspace show up. It would be nice to have a view of the complete workflow (as an option), all workspaces merged. I believe that would be very helpful when we get in “let’s free some space in the hard drives” mode before archiving the project, for instance.

All that said, I need to add that the workflow view is already very powerful the way it is, I like it a lot. Our lab works only with flexible proteins and complexes, so we always need to try different parameters and selections. Having a quick overview of everything that has been tried is really useful.

Best to all,

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for the feedback! We’re planning some big improvements to the cards and tree view so this is all very timely :slight_smile:

Re: showing parents and children of a job - agreed this is very important!

Re: ‘cloned from this’ - noted

Re: ‘clone branch’ action - we’re working on a clean way of allowing for this, stay tuned for more info!

Re: showing the tree view for all jobs across a project - this is something you can already do now if you have the project selected in the sidebar. Click the ‘view’ button next to total jobs and then switch to the tree view. You should see all workspaces displayed in the same view

Please let me know if you have any additional thoughts!

- Suhail


I think it’s been suggested elsewhere and is already noted by your team: “favorites” or standard parameters, maybe even multiple per jobtype, would be great. NU-refine 1, NU-refine 2, 3Dclass lowres, 2Dclass 1000batch - customizable names for parameter sets.

Local refine is so finicky to get a great result. Some option to automatically generate 10 different masks from our provided focus mask and try them all? Or something… it can take 20 parameterization attempts to land on something that actually does look remarkably good.

Refining dozens of 3D class individually is standard but cumbersome. option to select which to perform identical next task?

volume series downloads is amazing, add to het refine and any other? also, from card view, tick these 10 jobs, download their map and sharpened map to standard location with standard name. The download two-click system “misses” for parts of the bubble outside the actual text, but there is no indicator whether you’re hovering correctly or not.

het refine should be one of the most powerful ways to clean up a dataset, but it seems woefully inadequate compared to the other classification techniques. worth a revisit in coding? contrast with relion which seems to parse high-resolution data from low-resolution very well. csparc has plenty of conformational sorting, but no strong quality sorting method beyond 2D. Parsing A from B then moving forward with all A you can still find tons of B. some convergence issue?

3D viewer incredibly useful, could benefit from 1) set all volumes to this threshold, 2) tile all in this window 3) standard viewer threshold for this jobtype 4) difference maps?

live workers auto remove from workspace after normal (no error) completion.

pose manipulator, such that we could take 3D volume, see the slices in variety of poses, and select the final output pose so we would see desired slices in all downstream jobs. Then also overlay new models to same pose.

copy result group across project without having to manually export and command line move the file.

option to hide “last accessed by” update for admins. they don’t need to know we’re checking in.

no-alignment 2D class. 2D class with reference templates for superusers (add strong caution messages?).

FAQ section for new users in plain language. “why does my FSC have that dip” “what is a dynamic mask”. Or a searchable, long list of all error messages with a brief explanation of possible causes? Lots of troubleshooting discussion posts are about non-obvious error messages.

Hope some of this is useful to develop and improve your (outstanding) product.


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Thanks all for the excellent feedback and suggestions in this thread! We are triaging these items into our roadmap. Thanks!

Hi Suhail, thanks a lot for this (and sorry for my delay in replying)