Jobs not showing, workspace null

Hello community
A colleague has shared their project with me. He has several jobs in the “null” workspace. Under normal circumstances, I can’t see that workspace or jobs on the Dashboard. However, if I put “localhost:39000/P11/null” in the url, I can see them (so this is my workaround). Can someone comment on this? My idea is that my colleague made an error in creating jobs in P11 without a workspace, and this caused cryoSPARC to veer into unknown territory with the “null” workspace. Is this correct? A query for those missing jobs returns a normal result:
$ cryosparcm cli “get_job(‘P11’,‘J6’,‘status’)”
{’_id’: ‘6290fd10d77f2bc2561e1258’, ‘project_uid’: ‘P11’, ‘status’: ‘completed’, ‘uid’: ‘J6’}

This is an interesting situation, and I am not sure how it arose.
It’s possible that the
P11/workspaces.json and
provide some clues.
May I also point you to the
job_add_to_workspace() cli function, which can help you reassign jobs to workspaces.

Thank you for reporting this problem, which is addressed in a recent patch (Patch 220824 is available for cryoSPARC v3.3.2).