Jobs not appearing in tree view

so i restarted a project after not working on it for a few weeks. all the new jobs are there in card view and table view but in tree view there are not there. IN card view when selecting a parent on these jobs the children are highlighted but when selecting the children the parents do not highlight. this is a very large workflow so the tree view is kind of essential or i am getting lost …

Interesting. Please can you use the icli to dump the project’s job records in a file, compress the file and email it to us.

cryosparcm icli # enter the icli
puid = 'P14' # replace with actual project uid
ofile = f'/tmp/{puid}_jobs.txt' # May be readable by everyone. Change file path if needed.
with open(ofile, 'x') as o:
  o.write(str(list({'project_uid': puid}))))

I will send you our email address by direct message.