Job statuses sidebar do not match those in workspace


Often the job statuses in the “recents” sidebar do not match those in the workspaces - there seems to be quite a bit of lag between them changing and being updated. E.g. in this screenshot, compare J389 and J390.

Relatedly, marking jobs as complete takes a long time, and there is no visual indicator as to the status of this process. This can lead users to try again, causing the process to restart. I wonder if it would be worth altering the status of the job to “waiting” (labeling as “waiting to finalize outputs” for example) or similar when initiating job completion, to visually indicate that the process has started.


Hi @olibclarke,

Thanks for the feedback. I can definitely see how this could be confusing. We will look into this behaviour and see what we can do to make the statuses more consistent.

- Kelly

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Thanks Kelly! Also, the jobs don’t seem to be ordered by date? E.g. here, the two P17 jobs are the newest (created and started this morning), whereas all the others are from yesterday or older. I would expect in the recent jobs listing that the most recent jobs should be at the top