Job and component number shown in 3D Var file names?

I have a suggestion for the file naming system used in 3D Var Display. It would be very convenient (and hopefully not too difficult to change the code) to include some kind of descriptor of the job number and even component number along with the frame number in the filename of the frame output when running 3D Var Display job to display intermediate volumes.

Right now when I open up Chimera’s Volume Series tool and want to compare Intermediate outputs of various 3DVA jobs to optimize my job parameters, the first frame from ALL of my jobs and ALL of my components are labeled frame_001.mrc. It’s very confusing trying to memorize which set of frames went with which job! I could manually re-name all of my files, but integrated descriptors in the cryoSPARC filename output would make life so much easier!

Hi @jenchem,

Yes definitely, we can see about making the filenames more informative in a future release. Thanks for the suggestion!


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