Issue Importing Project into CryoSPARC

I am using CryoSPARC 3.2.0, and am trying to install a project including pre-processed data from an EM facility. Originally when I was importing the project, I was getting an error saying 'audit' is undefined. After patching, this error was fixed and I was able to import the project. The import took 5-10 seconds and the loading bar slowly filled up. I was able to see job thumbnails in the Projects view.

When I opened the project, there were no workspaces to click on. I checked the workspaces.json file and found it had been ‘emptied’. So, I redownloaded the job_manifest.json, project.json, and workspaces.json file and have been trying to import the project again. The project ‘successfully’ imports, and there is a workspace, but now there are no jobs in the workspace. When the project imports, it finishes instantaneously as though its not loading any of the data.

Project folder layout:

After importing, note the lack of job thumbnails:

Any ideas on this one?

EDIT Upon closely inspecting the folders within the project, it seems the import process deleted all of the data. So, I will need to redownload the data (~2.5TB), and try the process again. I will update the thread with any new developments… advice in the meantime is welcome!

Issue resolved… had to:

  1. Patch as per the original post
  2. Re-download the data and the .json files, as the import process (or perhaps me deleting the project within cryosparc) cleared the files and folders of their contents.


Thank you for the update. You’re correct, since cryoSPARC uses the imported project directory as the new imported project’s directory to avoid duplication, any actions done in cryoSPARC (e.g. deleting the project) will delete the imported project directory. For future readers, the process of re-importing after patching is only necessary if you tried to import a project on v3.2.0 (not on v3.2.0+<latest patch>).

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