Is it possible to topaz pick using low voltage data?

I’m facing with the problem that my data taken with a 300kV microscopy has difficulty in the process of 2D classification. I’ve already got nice 2D using 200kV data. I wonder if it’s possible to topaz train with 200kV data and by using it, extract particles from 300kV micrographs?
Thanks in advance.

Training a topaz model on data from a 200 kV microscope should work

The pixel sizes etc. of the micrographs from your two microscopes are likely different, so the picking model trained on the 200 kV data won’t be useful for the 300 kV dataset.

You might be able to use the 200 kV data to generate template to try template-based picking on the 300 kV data. Be careful about reference bias though

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Interesting problem. This might be a good opportunity for you to educate us all! Give it a try and let us know if it t works.