Is it possible to manually remove micrographs/particles in the step of Inspect Particle Picks?

It would be very nice and convenient to have that option.

Hi @GuobinHu, you can actually load the result of an Inspect Picks job, into the Manually Curate Exposures job, and remove the micrographs and particles that way. Hope this helps!

Sounds great! Thank you very much!


I just got a chance to check it out and found that it does not really work very well for me. Many particles were picked by Template Pick from micrographs whose motion correction were not well done. I intend to discard those micrographs. However, I cannot really tell in the Manually Curate Exposures which ones are those just based on the number. It seems to be a better place to remove the micrographs in the Inspect Particle Picks as we can see images. Hope this makes sense to many other users.


Hi Guobin,

Perhaps you can take a look at the detailed tutorial for Manually Curate Exposures, available here. You can use the sliders below the plot to select only those micrographs with a Motion dist. within certain threshold values. These will be automatically selected in the table. You can then view the micrograph images by clicking on the corresponding row in the table, and also accept/reject the selection.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Saara,

Thank you very much! You really answered my question. I should spend some time reading the instruction.


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